Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Night

My, but it's been awhile. I've been busy and Halloween hasn't stopped, except for the past month. There were bunnies to be made and patterns to be drawn...oh, and let's not forget that it is tax season (now, that is just THE most wicked thing to a business owner... especially one that is more passion minded than about where ever cent goes.) In it all though, my mind has not strayed from pumpkin witches , black cats or skeletons....but maybe, just maybe I can settle into my work area adorned with skeletons and get started on a wonderful year ahead.This Goode Witch has much ahead of her with new sketches and ideas. Eleanor Higgins is the first on my pattern agenda and a even more extreme prim big doll. She's being rag stuft at the moment. Witch ornies are sewn and ready to stuff, they were a huge hit at the Heritage show and a must for my Fall Shows ahead... it I start now....

I'm a lover of dark early mornings,a good hour or two before the sun comes up. A movie to listen to and friends to be stuft, make for the beginnings of a perfect day~ as the sun rises, my friends come to life. Now, most of you know, I have wee little Molly beside me. She really loves to sleep all cozy and beside me, even putting her head on my pillow. She doesn't however enjoy my fondness for the dark hour before sunrise. Sometimes lately she will make her way out, but not without being in my way as I navigate without waking the house with light. She's just doing her job I suppose and she does it well. She does know how to give me a good heart thumper sometimes!