Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Little Tour

A warm goode welcome to all of you. I thought that I'd give you a look at how the Goode Comfort Studio is coming along. Tim set it up as a surprise to me in September, I'm so fortunate to have such a loving soul beside me. It still has some inspiration pieces moving in and the work areas will be coming along, but I thought that you would enjoy a peek. Take a little something sweet to enjoy with your tea........

So far, this is the main work area at the present. There is a sewing table and cutting table behind my chair with the sweater on it. There are Santas awaiting their beards on the table. They are surrounded my pieces that I've done, along with some of my dearest friends.

With all of this creating, there is hardly room to take care of the cobwebs and dust.. and so they get rather big. This wire version is about a yard long and one of my wire works. She moves gently as people walk by and create a breeze~ such fun!
One must have a sturdy shelf to hold ones treasures! This one was here already and so it is put to good use with some of my favorite treasures.

One of my favorite finds this season was this little lighted vellum box . Another favorite is the chalk ware pieces made by my best friend. They are dear to me.

The top of the computer desk is the perfect place for a skeleton to sit and read. Sometimes the best books are long reads!

If you haven't guessed by now, skeletons are a favorite with me. Will the studio stay this way now that Halloween is over? You can bet on it. We've decided that we really do like it all, so why not? There is another studio in the works, but that won't happen until next year. Now that one won't boast the spookiness of this one, but it will be worth my wait.


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

WOW!!! How grand to have such a spacious work area!! You are so blessed to have your own little area! Thanks for sharing it with us!! ~~Trudy~~

Christine said...

it's a wonderful place for dreaming.
your little skeletons are so much fun, I love the tall gangly one that's been reading a very long book.